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TEC and Local Government Code
Information required to be posted in accordance with TEC §12.1211, TEC §12.136, and Local Government Code §140.006


CIPA Compliance

Financial Statements

School First Rating For Charter Schools

Audit 2016-17

Audit 2015-16

Audit 2014-15

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Audit 2012-13

Audit 2011-12

Audit 2010-11




Parents Right To Access Teaching Materials (English) (Spanish)


Annual Financial Report 2015-16


Budget Report 2017-2018

Budget Report 2016-2017

Budget Report 2015-2016

Budget Report 2013-2014

Budget Report 2012-2013

Budget Report 2010-2011

Budget Report 2009-2010


TEA Federal Report Card for Texas Public Schools
2016-17 Federal Report Card 101
2016-17 Federal Report Card 102
2016-17 Federal Report Card 103




Local Wellness Policy Revision 2017

Local Wellness Policy 2015

Discipline Policy

Student Code of Conduct Handbook – Proactive Discipline Click Here



Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

DRAW Academy has adopted the RTI Program to support academically struggling learners and its Behavior support component
Response to Intervention (RTI) is a multi-tiered approach to help struggling learners. Students’ progress is closely monitored at each stage of intervention to determine the need for further research-based instruction and/or intervention in general education, in special education, or both.

School- Wide Positive Behavior Support and Response to Intervention:


RTI Positive Behavior Interventions Click Here

TIER I Click Here

TIER II Click Here

TIER III Click Here